Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.6: The Nuclear Family

This update integrates Extended Family Mode, a major mechanic from PregMod, a long-running modification of Free Cities. I'd like to offer thanks to the mod's author and to the other contributors who helped facilitate the integration. Put simply, Extended Family Mode allows slaves to have any number of family members. This is an extremely invasive modification to integrate, and serious bugs are inevitable.

As such, what you can do with Extended Family Mode is currently very limited. The primary way of building large slave families is to create them at the start of a new game, and there are limitations on this; in particular, complex parentage structures aren't currently possible. If this feels limited, that's because it is; more ways of collecting many interrelated slaves will be added as the system matures. As provided, Extended Family Mode is an extremely robust system, which I was grateful for as I created the starting slave creation code for it.

On a less mechanically radical note, this update also adds a significant story expansion, involving an old world peacekeeping force sent to stabilize a war-torn area near the Free City. Events involving the peacekeepers will take place alongside the existing story events rather than fitting in before or after them, and the peacekeepers can in fact play a minor role in several existing situations. The presence of the peacekeepers presents the player with a choice: work to undermine and eliminate a powerful old world presence near the arcology, or accept the threat and seek to take indirect control of it?

Finally, a contributor descriptively named prndev has done impressive work with the vector art. Not only is it now integrated into the code, making separate resources unnecessary; but the art will also now display much more efficiently. All in all, I've been getting some outstanding assistance with FC lately; my thanks to everyone who's been contributing.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack is no longer necessary.

Latest version: 
MegaDropbox. save compatible

Rendered Artpack: Mega. please download and use the latest .html above

0.10.6 changelog

Extended Family Mode

  • Integrated Extended Family Mode from PregMod, which supports multiple family members at the cost of increased performance demands.
  • The Extended Family Mode integration was provided complete with a toggle at game start, which is recommended for players not using large families due to its performance demands.
  • Provided limited support for Extended Family Mode during starting slave creation; for now, this feature makes some assumptions about family structure in edge cases.
prndev's vector art integration
  • prndev integrated the existing vector art into the game's code, making the vector art resources unnecessary and improving performance.
  • Provided continuous scaling for several body parts, replacing the previous separate .svgs; this is in an early state and may result in excessive boob.
  • Created a proper, flexible color system, replacing the previous separate precolored .svgs; this system is capable of recognizing any HTML-compliant color name.
  • Added a shine effect to latex.
  • Documentation for the new vector art code is included at \artTools\README.md; contributing vector art is now much easier.
The Peacekeepers
  • After the player defeats the invasion from the collapsing old world nation, a surviving old world military power may now dispatch a peacekeeping mission to stabilize the area.
  • Having such an significant old world military presence near the arcology will cause a minor but continual drain on the PC's reputation.
  • The peacekeepers, led by a named general officer, may appear in some or all of five events, offering various tradeoffs.
  • The PC may pay to foment opposition to the peacekeeping mission in the forces' home country, eventually resulting in their withdrawal.
  • Alternatively, the PC may support the peacekeepers, potentially leading to their becoming an independent client state of the PC's arcology that offers menial slaves as tribute.
  • The PC may further improve their relationship to the peacekeepers by providing them with sex slaves, which can lead to them developing specific tastes in that regard.
Cosmetic surgery
  • Revised the existing facial cosmetic surgery stat to track how facially artificial the slave looks, with all facial surgeries contributing.
  • High facial artificiality will directly reduce beauty; Body Purism increases this effect, while Transformation Fetishism eliminates it.
  • Upgraded surgeries and PCs with surgical skills will both reduce the artificiality added by each facial surgery, effectively raising the facial surgery cap.
  • Age lifts' effects on beauty are now increased and decreased by Youth and Maturity Preferentialism, respectively.
Other updates
  • Significant encyclopedia revisions and additions.
  • Numerous minor content expansions, descriptive improvements, and UI tweaks.
  • Bugfixes.
As always much of this content was contributed via GitHub, and is not attributed without permission.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.5: Percent Complete

I apologize for the lengthy wait between updates. I've had the time to work with contributors on GitHub and create a little content myself lately, but not much to support a public actual update. That means there's quite a bit of new stuff here that's built up since 0.10.4, including quite a few really nice quality of life improvements from contributors.

This update makes a small change to the disposition of slaves' children, which is based on a player suggestion that I thought did a good job of addressing player feedback on having all children born to the PC's slaves remanded to slave orphanages, while also keeping depiction of underage characters out of the game. It's now possible to pay to have slaves' children raised as citizens, or schooled privately. Both child-rearing options remain completely offscreen, as before. Their only in-game impact is their cost, their understandably major impact on the slave mother's opinion of the player, and their predictable reputational effects with Paternalists and Degradationists.

I would like to emphasize that the game does not track the children in any way, meaning that the child-rearing and the associated expenses have no end date. This would occur after a monstrous 936 turns if I were to depict it, however, so I don't think it's a serious deficiency. If I had the free year, the team, the art budget, and the requisite insanity to create Free Cities 2, I'd probably set the turn length at two to six months, to allow simulation of slave breeding and succession within a reasonable number of turns. There are definitely some other fun long-term ideas this would allow, as well. But that's air castle building. FC is meant to depict a moment in history and the PC's role in it, for a couple of years, and the weekly turns work well for that.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack has received a minor expansion with version 0.10.4.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above fixes
  • Restored the bovine tattoo options and integrated them with this update's UI and descriptive changes.
  • Addressed an issue with amputees under the new body modification UI.
  • Corrected body modification omissions in the long form slave description.
  • Addressed problems with sexuality display in the new slave summary code. fixes
  • Fixed the upkeep issue for new saves; firing Backwards Compatibility will resolve this for existing saves.
  • Much better randomization of slaves for many existing two-slave events.
  • Fixes display issue caused by virginity and other statuses with summary display.
  • Certain future society specific events not involving slaves should now direct play appropriately.
0.10.5 changelog

Rules Assistant growth targets
  • The Rules Assistant can now be given independent and customizable growth targets for breasts, butts, lips, and, if present, dicks and balls.
  • Provided a set of convenient shortcuts that replicate the preexisting growth regimes by setting the new growth targets to the values that system used.
  • Slaves in the penthouse with multiple body parts targeted for expansion will get injections for the part that is farthest from the growth target; the RA report reflects this.
  • Slaves in facilities with with multiple body parts targeted for expansion are managed with simpler, faster logic that concentrates on one body part at a time.
Disposition of slaves' children
  • The player may now intervene when a slave gives birth, sending the child to be raised as a citizen or raised privately, or allow the child to go to a slave orphanage as previously.
  • The two new options will incur recurring costs, please the mother, please Paternalists, and displease Degradationists.
  • Greatly increased the mental effects of allowing slaves' children to go to a slave orphanage as previously.
  • This system does not track or depict slaves' children, and nothing will change after 936 turns, or 18 in-game years.
New events
  • Three new two-slave events: begging for sex, incestuous nursing, and cockmilk interception.
  • New acquisition event in which a slave sold earlier escapes and returns.
  • New individual event involving a gagged slave, by FreeCitiesBandit.
Other updates
  • Made slave summaries partially persistent, slowing initial slave summary generation each week, but speeding all subsequent slave lists.
  • Added a late game raiding policy that unlocks targeted enslavement events for the mercenaries, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • New eye color options, tattoos, tailed plugs, highlights, and other style choices.
  • Split the wardrobe off into its own submenu to reduce individual menu clutter and provide for more options.
  • Made relationship names links in slaves' individual menus.
  • Slave art will now be displayed in appropriate individual submenus.
  • Added tabs to facility menus and generally improved submenu organization.
  • Provided a new inflation focused slave induction option when a Dairy is present.
  • Provided better slave induction options for cumsluts.
  • Slightly revised Head Girl attention logic, and made it more efficient.
  • Revised encyclopedia navigation.
  • Better lisping in many scenes.
  • Numerous minor content expansions and revisions.
  • Bugfixes.

As always much of this content was contributed via GitHub, and is not attributed without permission.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.4: Common Names

This update allows surnames for the player character and his or her chattel. They're optional in that the player character can go without one, and slaves can have them stripped away. Naturally, they may have feelings about this.

Even with surnames present, they won't always be shown. Slaves are mostly known by their first names, so this is partially a stylistic choice. The surname mechanic will also be expanded and polished with future updates.

One current limitation of this mechanic is that it depicts all names in a given name first, surname last format, as in English, despite the fact that there are languages present in the game that do not follow this order. This is a known limitation and does not need to be reported.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack has received a minor expansion with version 0.10.4.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above fixes
  • Addressed an issue in random event selection that could produce bad events.
  • Slaves' sexualities can now be investigated if any facet of them is not known.
  • Surname customization for starting slave customization and the cheat menu.
  • Addressed an issue with recruiter progress tracking.
  • Other minor fixes.
0.10.4 changelog

  • Provided the PC with an optional surname.
  • Statted slaves' birth and slave surnames using name lists provided by Boney M, and updated existing naming mechanics to support surnames.
  • Unlike given names, slaves' surnames can be removed as well as changed; some Revivalist languages also lack slave surnames.
  • Married slaves can be allowed to take each others' surnames, raising trust.
  • Provided surname support for some, but not all, events.
Other updates
  • Added vector art for uncomfortable straps, by an anonymous contributor.
  • Paternalist and Degradationist versions of the generic future society event added in 0.10.3, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • New random bodyguard event, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • Added a toggle for art display in the weekly report, to support optional suppression of all vector art outside events and individual menus for performance reasons.
  • Improved emotional slut handling, by Boney M.
  • Other minor balancing and UI refinement work submitted via GitHub.
  • Bugfixes.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.3: Constant Flow

This is another broad update without a specific focus, combining contributions from many different people. I'll spotlight one area, though, since it's something that's gotten a fair amount of well-merited criticism lately: future society progression. All society models are not created equal in terms of ease of progression. To help ease that, and add more interesting choices to the game, this update makes societies progress faster the fewer societies have been chosen. In the early game, when only a single model has been selected, it's a major boost to that single goal. Later, when four or five models are active, things are more sluggish, but by then the player should have the resources to overcome that. Additionally, Shops can now be upgraded into future society specific versions, adding some flavor and helping advancement. Finally, PC reputation now impacts future society progress directly, providing an incentive to raise reputation in the early game.

There are many contributors doing great work on GitHub, and it would be invidious to single anyone out without making it clear that everyone's doing great work and no special status is being conferred. But FreeCitiesBandit deserves recognition for providing no less than 11 new events included in this update. Fine work.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus. The vector artpack has received a minor expansion with version 0.10.3.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above
  • All art options: Mega.
  • Vector art only: Mega. fixes
  • Reactivated an acquisition event involving a MILF tourist.
  • Self-neglecting slaves are now satisfied by working as a servant, a fucktoy, as the Milkmaid, or as the Spa Attendant
  • Dominant slaves are now satisfied by working as the Stewardess.
  • Anal fucktoy duty now satisfies anal addicts; if the PC has a penis, vaginal fucktoy duty satisfies Breeders and oral fucktoy duty satisfies Cum Addicts.
  • Collective mental effects now require a small minimum number of slaves (four).
  • Improved handling of Emotional Slut status.
  • Fixed several Schoolroom release issues.
  • Numerous minor UI and event fixes. fixes
  • Revised the botched summary stats toggle.
  • Raised the minimum reputation necessary to lose reputation by not entertaining.
  • Nulls will no longer rub their nonexistent clits.
  • Male hormones will no longer improperly androgynize masculine faces.
  • Addressed a fetish balance issue that produced unreasonable paraphilia descriptions.
  • Numerous other minor UI and event fixes. fixes
  • The RA will no longer attempt to correct blindness with glasses.
  • Prestige events will now increment prestige rather than resetting it.
  • Event resolution fixes. fixes
  • Addressed several bugs with prostate implant placement.
  • Fixed the abortion passage.
  • Activated rude names for the PC during new slave introductions, by pregAnon.
  • Minor layout tweaks. fixes
  • Restored display of the facility assignment scenes.
  • Fixes to the contributed future society events.

0.10.3 changelog

fcpmanon's overhaul

  • Heavily revised the weekly report for code efficiency and to better support slaves choosing their own assignments.
  • Fixed and revised the Rules Assistant import and export features and addressed unintended Rules Assistant behaviors.
  • Suppressed most Future Society notifications in slaves' weekly reports when reputation is capped to reduce clutter.
  • Greatly increased Head Girl training efficiency when traits that enhance training are present.
  • Hundreds of bugfixes.
pregAnon's contributions
  • Added two new gag options and improved gag interactions with slave speech.
  • Precum descriptions for the new prostate implant.
  • New makeup colors.
New events by FreeCitiesBandit
  • Random events with citizens for Pastoralism, Physical Idealism, Transformation Fetishism, Body Purism, Maturity Preferentialism, and Youth Preferentialism.
  • Individual event for slaves wearing a servant outfit.
  • Two individual events for slaves with a significant age difference with the PC.
  • Random event featuring a mutinous mercenary.
  • Random event involving requests to rent out the whole Brothel for a special event.
New events by FreeCitiesDev
  • Random event in which a slave with a working dick takes advantage of universal rules that don't require consent from other slaves.
  • Individual event for slaves with large breasts (a groundbreaking addition to the game).
  • Individual event for slaves wearing modest clothing who'd like to show a little more skin for a day.
Future society updates
  • Added Aztec Revivalism, by megas4o.
  • Added 20 new varieties of Shops to the Promenade, one for each existing future society model; these provide societal advancement and have small associated miniscenes.
  • PC reputation will now directly affect future society progress, with low reputation actively suppressing acceptance and perfect reputation making it very fast.
  • The number of future society models active will now affect acceptance, with a single active model accepted quickly and more models slowing progress.
  • Surplus future society progress will now overflow into external influence from several sources which would not previously participate there.
Other updates
  • Added vector art for chastity belts and limp dicks, by Mauve.
  • Enabled bulk slave purchases, by DrNoOne.
  • Added a slow-release drug implant for prostates that helps facilitate cum production, with mechanics, rules, and facility behaviors similar to lactation implants.
  • Deactivated preventatives' application, effects, and costs in all facilities, as the facilities are modeled as applying these drugs automatically.
  • Partially updated the encyclopedia.
  • Placed FC under the GNU General Public License, a permissive open-source license that essentially makes FC's existing status official.
  • Many other minor fixes and tweaks contributed via GitHub.
  • Bugfixes.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.2: Flagship Store

This update focuses on fixing bugs and longstanding issues, and on building out several mechanics added over the past two updates.

Since this update adds several new facilities to the new arcology construction mechanic, I'll explain what my general goal for this system. FC has always been a game in which the sex slaves themselves are fundamentally unlimited in terms of who they are and what they can be forced to do. In compensation, FC needs more tradeoffs; good games force the player to specialize to an extent. As such, all lategame arcologies will not be equally good at everything. For example, this update adds a new Sweatshop facility to the Service level, and upgrades to the existing Arcade and Dairy facilities, each of which gives bonuses to one and only one of the types of menial slaves. It's now possible to specialize in slave milking harder than ever before, but at the cost of limited Sector space.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above
  • All art options: Mega.
  • Vector art only: Mega. fixes
  • The final mercenary upgrade event will now include a way to continue the game. fixes
  • Addressed an issue with the new UI and arcology ownership percentages.
  • Layout reconciliation between slaves' individual menus and the Rules Assistant menu.
  • Fixes for the new random events, by FreeCitiesBandit.
  • Custom PC title work, by PregAnon.
  • Other PC title fixes.

0.10.2 changelog

Arcology construction
  • Constructing a spire now adds two additional levels of two apartment sectors each; the direct effects of the upgrade on the prosperity cap have been removed.
  • The Arcade and Dairy have received new upgrades that improve the productivity of any menial Fuckdolls or Bioreactors present in the arcology, respectively.
  • Added Sweatshops for sectors on the Service level, each of which will greatly improve the productivity of a limited number of standard menial slaves.
  • Expanded the corporate slave market into a buildable facility on the Concourse level, which will improve corporate performance based on the PC's reputation.
  • Replaced the placeholder Barracks on the Service level with a simple facility with some descriptive vignettes, without which mercenary upkeep costs are doubled.
Population mechanics
  • Apartment sectors now affect both citizen and slave populations, with Dense Apartments favoring citizens and Luxury Apartments favoring slaves.
  • Policies that affect population will no longer fire during weeks in which the citizen population is at its maximum or minimum values and the effect will not happen.
  • Added privately owned slave population fluctuations, largely based on slave price and arcology prosperity.
FreeCitiesBandit's events
  • Random individual event for devoted, educated slaves.
  • Random individual event for devoted, short slaves.
  • Random individual event for devoted fucktoys.
  • Random individual event for public servants.
  • Recruitment event involving an old world royal family.
Other updates
  • Random individual event for sexually frustrated nulls.
  • Testicle and scrotum improvements, by Rodziel.
  • Physical aphrodisiac effects are now associated with taking aphrodisiacs, not with aphrodisiac addiction.
  • Added a new hard limit on arcology minority shares to help ensure that shares become available for purchase.
  • Edo Revivalism progress is tallied for each public servant over the demanded number, not just once.
  • Changed the way the Rules Assistant handles contraceptives to allow automatic contraceptive regime use for all slaves who aren't barren.
  • Bugfixes.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ALPHA 0.10.1: Hands On

This is a snap update which I'm releasing for two important reasons.

First, an anonymous contributor has done great work on efficiency and usability. The game runs much faster now, to the point where the game feels significantly different. The improvement is so noticeable that I felt it needed to be made public as soon as possible.

Second, this update makes the most sweeping interface changes since the game was released. Experience has taught me to get interface changes out for public feedback as soon as possible. The UI can be reverted to something approximating its previous layout under Game Options, but please do try out the new setup and let me know what you think. The new interface is in an early state, but as should become obvious as soon as you see it, it'll allow the game to mature in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Saves from previous versions are incompatible, but 
0.6+ saves are eligible for New Game Plus.

Latest version save compatible

Artpacks please download and use the latest .html above
  • All art options: Mega.
  • Vector art only: Mega. fixes
  • Addressed a facility assignment issue that could duplicate slaves.
  • Fixed sector decommissioning.
  • Individual slaves' drug links should no longer become unclickable in certain cases.
  • Other minor bugfixes. fixes
  • Randomly generated slaves will now occasionally have hair that is not brown.
  • Fixed several bugs with the penthouse area of the new interface.
  • The immediate sale links should now work for all random recruit events.
  • Slaves in the Cellblock will no longer appear as eligible to be sent to the Cellblock.
  • Addressed many other minor issues without major gameplay impacts.

0.10.1 changelog

Arcology management

  • Created a new table-based arcology interface divided into levels and sectors, to consolidate old mechanics and offer new planning decisions.
  • Integrated the existing arcology share mechanic into the new sector manager by tying arcology share to ownership of sectors.
  • Each level of the arcology has a default facility, hosting tenants; these create rent as previously.
  • Provided two mutually exclusive upgrades to sectors in the three apartment levels, as a prototype of planned sector upgrades.
  • Updated the demographic and prosperity mechanics to interact with the upgrades to the apartment sectors.
  • Eliminated separate privately owned menial and sex slave tracking from arcology demographics as an unnecessary complication for the new mechanics.
  • Productive facilities (the Brothel, Club, Arcade, Dairy, and Pit) must now be constructed on the appropriate level of the arcology, displacing the default tenants.
  • All other facilities are now included in the PC's extended penthouse sector, meaning that constructing them has no new opportunity cost.
  • The limit on menial slaves is now raised by building pens on the service level rather than by buying the generic arcology upgrades.
  • Removed several generic arcology upgrades that have been superseded by sector mechanics.
Other updates
  • Integrated a massive set of efficiency and usability improvements contributed by Anon.
  • Public sexual assignments should honor chastity belts with respect to sex act logging.
  • Added four new random recruits, by Anon.
  • Bugfixes.